Expert coaching for seniors
living on their own

Get matched with a licensed Personal Coach to help you thrive in your own home -- via weekly phone sessions and on-demand support via text.
About Us

Seniors face difficult problems all the time. We help you solve them, recharge your confidence, and enjoy life more in the process.

“Working with Gerry Care has I trust my coach, Victoria, like family --- and in just a few months, we set up online grocery delivery, finished my will, and finally found an insurance policy that works.

I feel excited about life for the first time in years.”
Joanna T
Now living in Houston, Texas

How we can help

Gerry Experts help clients with a range of topics and tasks. These include:

Household essentials

Roger has been trying to minimize the risk of running in-person errands while COVID is still widespread in his community. Gerry helped him set up recurring grocery & prescription delivery -- with up to 15% off each order.

Tech Support

Mary had been feeling a bit lonely while sheltering in place. Gerry helped her set up weekly video chats with her friends, and found a local Church group she can join from the comfort of home.

Personal Well-being

Tom had been having trouble staying on top of his care regimen from home. Gerry helped him coordinate his telehealth appointments, create a schedule for at-home exercises, and conducted weekly checkins with our licensed expert.

Financial Well-being

Claudia had been dreading financial planning, especially after her divorce, but wanted to make sure she had her critical documents in order. Gerry helped her update her will and negotiate a 10% discount on her final expense insurance policy with the help of a seasoned expert.

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We understand the pressure that COVID-19 has put on seniors and their families. We are offering a free 1-month trial of our full package, high-touch service to help ease the burden.
Our Process

How It Works

Your Gerry Care Package includes:
Sign up online & meet your Coach
Fill out a brief form (>1 min) and get matched with your Personal Coach. All Gerry Coaches are licensed social workers with extensive experience working with Seniors.
Weekly video or phone chats
Your Coach will connect with you (or your loved one) on scheduled weekly video calls. The first step after signup is a conventional phone call where they show you how to join these video calls without issue.
‘Get to know you’ diagnostic
On your first call, your Coach will do a friendly assessment of your current routines, needs, and well-being to understand how we can best help you . Our Coaches are trained to collect these insights through friendly conversation -- without impersonal surveys or forms.
Personalized care plan + checklist
Based on this initial diagnostic, your Coach will design a personalized plan and prioritized checklist of specific goals. These range from using new technologies (e.g. video calling on Facebook) and financial planning (e.g. settling an insurance policy) to personal well-being and household essentials (e.g. online grocery delivery).
Trusted network of experts
Your Coach will loop in experts from the Gerry Network as needed to advise on specific topics and achieve your set goals. All advice from Gerry Experts is provided at no extra cost to you.
Routine updates
Each week, your Coach will share brief reports on progress on your plan as well as general trends in well-being. These reports are intentionally stated in plain, understandable English.
Ongoing assistance and troubleshooting
Whenever you have a question, concern, or need -- we’re available on-demand. We ensure responses within 12 hours to any comment or question sent during the workweek.

Meet a Gerry Concierge

Hi, I'm Victoria!
“I love helping seniors in all parts of their life, and use a transparent and conversational approach. I share details of my life and family to help my clients feel comfortable sharing theirs as well.”
Victoria Woods, M.S.W. NYU | 7+ years of experience
Licensed Social Worker at Gerry

Our promise to families

From our team to you
We take our work seriously & consider our clients members of our own families. Your family’s well being is our first priority, always.
With prior consent, we share all relevant information with you about your loved one’s well-being in a HIPAA compliant manner. From routine evaluations of their emotional & cognitive state to potential issues with groceries, prescriptions, or their health, we’ll keep you informed and at ease.
All Gerry Concierge are licensed social workers with 5+ years of experience working with seniors. Our weekly evaluations blend the latest in academic research and applied science.
Friendly face
Our concierge love their work and clients. Conversations are friendly, intimate, and joyful whenever possible. They provide the insights needed for our cognitive/emotional evaluations without impersonal surveys or forms.
Personalized and data-driven approach
We are methodical, reliable, and data-driven. We personalize each of our client engagements based on the unique needs and preferences of the senior and their family.
Ongoing Convenient Support
We forge ongoing, routine relationships with families and are always just a phone call, text, or email away.

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